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Ship has landed. Call for backup. [Aug. 30th, 2005|07:59 pm]
I am in NYC. For all of you out of the know, that is "New York City." It is a small island home to roughly 8 million dirty, disgusting, wasetful human beings. Plus--now with bigger rats!

Moving in was cute. I arrived from the Lincoln Tunnel and tried to "raw dog" the ride to campus. Then I got lost in random boroughs for about forty-five minutes and got angry at my younger brother and his phone calls to my father because they didn't make me un-lost. I even had to ask for directions in Spanish! Cultural diversity is great.

My apartment is appropriately spoiling for a school that costs about 40,000 dollars a year. Here's to having a kitchen! But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

View my pictures of my apartment here, here, and here and be appropriately pissed off and jealous. Roommate's name is AJ. Shhh! He might be listening. He's a good guy, and he didn't make fun of me for having a Barbie doll.

While waiting a lengthy time for my father to find my dorm (since I gave him shitty directions), I met a few transfer students from the building across the street. One of them asked me if my eyes were real. There are women everywhere here. Maybe I should see how long I can continue my dry spell, since now the odds are so stacked in my favor that I can't lose.

For night festivities, I met up with my cousin Robbie from the hood of Scotch Plains, NJ. We went to an open mic show at the Bower Poetry Club so that he could hit on a German chick he met there--with priceless consequences! I love knowing that other people are as dealthly afraid of rejection and talking to women as I am.

Today I shopped for household items and food. I kicked it off with $160 of groceries, then made some curry chicken and rice for myself.

That's enough voluntary disclosure of inconsequential nuances from my trivial existence. Stay tuned next week for more--you know you have nothing better to do because you probably don't live in New York City...

Oh, and, one more thing. I won't actually update next week because I'll be too busy having too much fun--more that the surgeon general recommends...plus some more for good luck. I swear I'm not all alone here. I swear.