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And so it goes... [May. 13th, 2005|12:54 pm]
[mood |_nostalgic_]
[music |My Morning Jacket - Mahgeeta]

Today is my last day as a student at RPI. As soon as all of my grades come in, I will be officially withdrawn.

I got high behind the library last night with some friends. It was a pretty clear night. Just one last adventure on this barren campus. Goodbye, wretched enemy and loving friend; goodbye, RPI.

This year passed by in a frenzy of quickness. I went through a lot of adjusting this year and came to terms with not wanting to be the technologist I always thought I did. It is crazy to think I will be in New York City next year. I am at a point again where I have no idea where I'm headed, and it is a great thing. That's what I told myself gazing out the window at my last day of work study on Thursday.

I met some fantastic friends here at RPI. I'm very grateful for having them because this year would have been unbearable otherwise. If all goes as planned, I should have some fun visitors at NYU next year.

In perfect procrastinator style, I also managed to slip in kissing a woman at the last moment. However, if I endeavored to tell that whole tale then the LJ server would crash from data overflow (long story). She's a sweet girl.

Summer should be relaxing and satisfying. I am abandoning the pressures of serious work that I've brought upon myself by working at BAE Systems for the last 3 years. Instead, I shall work as a common man at Cycle Sports in Doylestown. Hooray for simplifying life. I also turned down molecular biology research at RPI. It is going to be nice to be home.

Next week, I am off to Outer Banks, North Carolina, with Brian and his family. Every time I come home, it is always such a reward to chill with Brian again. A week or so after NC is Bonnaroo in Tennessee for 3 exhilarating days. Other than that I will be working a lot and farting around Bucks Country. There is also a camping trip to Utah in the works, as well as a short excursion to Boston. Time passes so quickly.

One last thing... before I forget. I had the pleasure of being sued by the RIAA this year for using i2hub. They picked cool cats like me at random. It is like winning the lottery, really. The whole ordeal sets me back about four grand--just one more reminder of how great the legal system in the United States is. Surely, it is a just one and a free one devoid of coercive corporate lobbying.

I will see everyone soon. Nobody reads this besides Ryan. So, Ryan, I will see you soon, buddy.

[User Picture]From: potemkyn
2005-05-13 09:07 pm (UTC)

Do you want to see the Pope on the end of rope?

Don't think I forgot that Brian offhandedly invited me to come to the outer banks the last time we all hung out. I'm milking that polite invitation for all it's worth.

See you in the car!!!!!!!!
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